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Alison Dunn

Content Creator | Copywriting & Coach | Marketer | Arts Specialist

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About Alison

How I can help you.

I have been telling stories and harnessing the power of words my entire career.

My work links people with ideas and experiences, products and programs. 

Having worked with the who’s who and what’s what of the Australian creative scene, I bring experience, empathy and a unique ability to find creative solutions. 

I can help you, your project or your business with :


Business writing

Marketing strategies and campaigns (arts & culture in particular)

Personal profiles

Email marketing

Social media​

For more about my rates, go here:

For more about what kind of writer I am go here.

For more about me and my Friday's on my Mind series, you can find me on Linked In here.

I'd love to meet you!
Feel free to book a free, no obligation Ask Me Anything Zoom call here:

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See below for a snapshot of what's happening and what Ive been working on recently.

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These are the projects I've been working on for the last little bit.  Get in touch to have a chat about yours. You can always make a time by clicking here (free) to ask me anything about how it all works.

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