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What makes me a writer for you?

SHORT STORY : my skills


Email marketing
Website reviews and re-writes
Integrated marketing campaigns


Fun fact:  In my early arts marketing days I would write 10 performers bios, plus the stage manager's bio, designers bios (costume, set, lighting) and director bios; often the directors’ vision statement, from scratch, in 4 hours go to whoa, the afternoon of the first public preview of the show, every six weeks. Which I would then type (on an actual typewriter), manually paste up into a show program, with images, and photocopy. I kid you not. On opening night, two days later, after I'd ordered the flowers, worked out the seating plan and nailed the signs up on the outside of the building, I did take delivery of actual printed programs, to the relief of all concerned.

That’s where I started, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a gig that did not involve a version of this.

I went on of course – creating and publishing in-house magazines, catalogues, collateral, ad copy, subscription brochures, annual reports you could actually read, long-form profiles, blogs, fliers, posters, story boards, websites, eDMs, socials, submissions, strategies, speeches. For all kinds of businesses, cultural and corporate.

You get the picture. I got good at it and I truly love what we now call 'content'. There's never been a better time for story-telling-for-purpose (or a more crowded one).

For me, it's always always been about helping an audience of some kind (your audience, your client, your customer) to participate, purchase or experience something that’s going to make their world a little better. Possibly in a way they hadn’t thought of yet.

And that's how I can help you too.

From working with some of Australia’s most revered creative figures as a leading publicist including the likes of Belvoir Theatre’s Chris (West) Westwood, directors Neil Armfield, Jim Sharman; photographers William Yang  and Robert McFarlane and writers, musicians and actors from Baz Luhrmann to Skye McIntosh to Paul Dyer to Rosalba Clemente, to marketing some of Australia's leading art + culture institutions including the Sydney Opera House, Sydney + Adelaide Festivals and the prestigious National Art School, I've seen and done a lot.

Having also worked with the who’s who and the what's what of the Australian creative scene, from the Powerhouse Museum to the Helpmann Academy, the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, Sydney Philharmonia,  the SSO, ABC Music, ABC Radio, Australian Haydn Ensemble and Jam Factory Contemporary Art & Design, I've been right there alongside incredible people bringing glorious and demanding projects to life.

My Life in Art has given me valuable insight, unforgettable experience and a unique perspective on how to translate captivating stories into actions.


Today I work with clients big and small from a broad range of industries and backgrounds. I use my signature brand of research-driven communications along with my natural curiosity and ability to empathise on the daily. All so I can help clients tell their own stories, find their true audience, and importantly, generate the results they are after (hint: not everyone is after the same thing).

Lastly, you should also know, I published an award winning annual report which included a chapter on sewerage, essentially proving words really do have the ability to make anything sparkle.

About Me: About Me
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