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What do people say about me?

"Alison Dunn is a genius at helping you find the essence of you to highlight in writing. Like a truffle hound finding those deeply hidden bits of edible delights, Alison is amazingly skilled at giving you just the guidance you need to discover your own hidden treasure." 
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Mary Jo Capps AM | International Arts Consultant | Bespoke Recruitment

I had been delaying updating my bio, resume and Linkedin profile for years, believing that all that was necessary was scheduling in a few quality hours to update content. The reality was that the version that I created was an underwhelming read.

I met Alison through a mutual connection and started following her on LinkedIn. I really connected with her values and was inspired by her storytelling, recognising very quickly that she was the right fit for me – she was the best person to bring out my story. Alison spent time understanding me, recognising what was important to me and really getting to the core of who I am, curating my professional story and highlighting my talents and skills in a way that I could never have achieved on my own. I remember reading what she wrote for the first time, and tears welled up in my eyes as I simply couldn’t believe that the person that she had written about, was ME!

Working with Alison is more than incredible value for money. She is an amazing talent – insightful, creative, generous and compassionate with this innate ability to get to the core of who a person is and unlocking the best way to showcase their talents.

Finding Alison and working with her was a gift and I am so grateful for the opportunity.

Tanya O'Shea | CEO | Board Director

Project:  Tender Documentation for Major Contract.

"Alison is a superstar !  The commitment she had to our project was amazing. Nothing was too difficult even with a very short timeline.  I will be calling upon Alison for my next project."
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Kelly Midha | Business Owner | Goals A+N

Project: Copy Coaching
" I love working with you. You are sophistication and grace under pressure. Dialing in messaging can feel confronting and awkward. Working with you as my copy coach makes it so much easier. You are a talented wordsmith and a calming presence."

Kylie Enkelmann | Business Coach

Alison Dunn has been assisting me with my communication strategy - copywriting, finding my voice in words, content creation for email marketing and fantastic ideas for communicating my message to the different groups I work with.

I am thrilled that Alison gets me and my work; it's helped me to hone my message and deliver wonderful content for my clients and customers.  She is positive and helpful when I feel blocked or stuck and has really great ideas!  I highly recommend her work and her warm and supportive manner makes her a pleasure to work with.

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Antoinette Sampson
Creative Producer | Meditation Teacher

Alison is an absolute pleasure to work with. She radiates warmth and enthusiasm which is especially important as you dive into your business so she can uncover the things your customers want to hear about.
Her copywriting is witty and accessible, engaging and intriguing. Not to mention she has some great concepts and zinging catchphrases.
Would definitely work with Alison again because, you know what they say... Is Dunn, is good!

Jordan Pollard Co-Founder ShowtoStream

What do they say?: Testimonials
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