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Can I get that before Christmas?

BEFORE CHRISTMAS? In the next 3 weeks, how many times will you say, think, or hear CAN I HAVE IT BEFORE CHRISTMAS?

In late Nov/early Dec last year I finished two websites, three strategies, 5000 words of copy, got a new contract and drove 2200 kms across the country – all before 20 December.

Not to mention seven cakes and a ton of sparkles.

And I didn’t feel burnt out like so many times in the past.

Here’s what I’ve learned to do to make that happen…

Take a day off between 10 and 20 December. It might feel like the end of the world to do this, but honestly, it’s gold for your soul. A day of no schedule, spent on something or someone you love helps you manage the huge energy of a whole city ramping up. (applies to extroverts and introverts equally)

Ask yourself how you want to feel on 27 December. (or just the general time between Christmas and New Year – it’s a potent time that’s often overlooked)

Replete? Loved? Fired Up? Calm? Satisfied? Just glad to have got through it?

Go quiet. Just for ten minutes. Try some 6: 3 breathing (see below for how)

Ask yourself - what’s one action you can take in November that will help you get to that intended state? It will come to you I promise.

Using that thought, set your intention for that day – write it down. Make it kind. Make it truthful. Make it about you. Make it short.

What is just one action you can take between now and 20 December? One action that will contribute to this intended state of mind?

Your intention doesn't have to be building 13 websites in one week or becoming an international influencer in five minutes.

Just making the plan for action is an action. Booking a workshop or coaching session for January/February is an action.

When I do make an action for the future it settles me – I know I’ve made the space so I can get back to the daily-racing stuff.

I think there is so much power in a huge community deadline like Christmas.

You can ride the energy of the wave or go under – your choice!

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