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Wasted Ideas

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

WASTED IDEAS. I was taught waste of anything is a crime. Ah but what’s a waste anyway ??

When an idea gets parked, good words get cut, things don’t go to plan, or you just simply forgot to save the damn document it’s often said that it all counts.

That you can write it better the second time .

Kind of.

What counts more is the bank.

Here’s where I lovingly store ideas, copy, my dreams for my clients, my creative manifestos and the odd plan for the great photographers I’d love to work with.

The bank is more than a diary, less than a journal, and way more reliable than a to do list.

It keeps me safe in the knowledge that that idea /copy/ plan for artists to take their rightful place e in the world that will not leave me alone is safely growing in the bank, ready for me to come and get it any time

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