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Just do One Thing, First Thing

Friday’s on my mind – JUST DO ONE THING. this is the secret to surviving hating your job. Well it was mine, anyway. If you can manage to do one thing, first thing, it’s a vote for future you.

I’m mentoring a Young Person who has made an error of judgement in accepting the wrong job. And haven’t we all done that? Well I have!

And somehow, that Young Person has to get through every agonising day while they look for the next thing, rather than quit in a huff.

This reminded me about my One Thing method. It goes like this…

Pick one thing, no matter how tiny, and do that thing, first thing.

It’s a vote for future you.

The One Thing method is very good for when you have put in all the applications you can right now, and have done all the obvious networking things and you are now spinning your wheels and having to get though a day you strongly suspect you are going to hate.

So set those One Thing wheels in motion.

Do it before you answer a work email. Before you go to a meeting. Before you get swept up in someone else’s agenda.

Even if you only have five minutes.

Examples of a One Thing are:

  • Remember that not doing stuff is also a choice. Your One Thing can be a Not thing.

  • Don’t look at your phone for the first ten minutes of your day.

  • Tinker with your Linked In profile – update one gig or one photo. Repeat daily.

  • Re-write one paragraph of your bio. Or one sentence. Stop. Repeat daily.

  • Find one person in your LI network who is doing something you like/love. Be generous in your comments. Stop there.

  • Read one news article about something uplifting that’s NOT connected to your professional area. Notice good.

  • Update your personal website with one new thing.

  • Research photographers for a bio pic – if you can’t afford a professional, make a list of likely suspects in your friend group.

This is all about stretching out the tasks rather than blitzing them for a deadline. Its about letting yourself know that you matter, that you are on your own side.

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